Founded in January 2020, Share My Meals which is a local charity recovering healthy meals surplus from local corporations and entities to distribute them to the food insecure community of Princeton, New Jersey.

With its 501(c)(3) status, Share My Meals reaches an important milestone. It means that we are now exempted from federal tax and it expends Share My Meals access to grants, but above all, it means that Share My Meals can accept contributions and donations that are tax-deductible for our generous donors.

The 501(c)(3) status is retroactive and donations that have been made so far to Share My Meals are therefore tax-deductible.

Share My Meals thanks all the supporters and donors for their trust in the early days of our organization.
The 501(c)(3) status gives us the tool needed to expand the impact of the Share My Meals movement and to serve more people in need in the Princeton community.