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Share My Meals is a Princeton, NJ-based nonprofit organization that fights both food insecurity and the environmental impact of food waste by recovering and delivering healthy meals to the local community.  Working with its local partners, Share My Meals addresses both of these critical issues at once with a unique, tech-enabled model that recovers healthful, prepared meals, and delivers them directly to the homes of families in need.

Share My Meals collects balanced meals made from surplus prepared foods from food service providers and distributes them directly to the homes of families in need, leveraging volunteers and technical solutions to create a seamless, sustainable model.

Since 2020, we have delivered more than 120,000 healthy meals directly to the home of the 180 families enrolled in our program.

We are thankful for the amazing support of our partners: participating restaurants and food donors, community partners, our team of over 40 motivated volunteers, and numerous generous donors who have made it all possible.

Sharing & Caring are part of Share My Meals’ values and keys to success. We collaborate closely with our volunteers and local partner organizations to identify and reach different communities in need, offer home delivery, make sure families receive diverse types of food and enough food, and support and supplement partner organizations with donated meals.

Our partner organizations include: Princeton Elks, Princeton Mobile Food Pantry, Arm in Arm, Homefront, Cornerstone, Adventist.

Of the food is wasted in the U.S.
Of the population New Jersey lives in food insecurity
Of the children live in food insecurity in New Jersey


The Share My Meals Movement is an initiative that aims to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste.

Meal Recovery Program

Share My Meals (SMM) addresses 2 critical issues at once with a unique, tech-enabled model:  The Meal Recovery Program  The Meal Recovery Program is a self-sustainable food recovery process, approved by the local health departments, that allows recovery and distribution of surplus meals from the cafeterias of local corporations, schools, universities, hotels and restaurants to food-insecure members of the local community.  In a free service for all stakeholders, Share My Meals recovers balanced meals made of excess prepared foods from foodservice providers and distributes them directly to the homes of families in need, leveraging technical solutions to create a seamless process. We work with local food donors seeking to curb the environmental impact of food waste by providing their excess food inventory to people in need. Share my Meals connects the realities of the food donors and the recipient families to create a positive outcome for our community and our environment.  The Meal Recovery Program started back up in the Fall of 2021 as our food partners started re-opening their doors, and is growing rapidly to meet the needs of the community. When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, and corporate cafeterias, Princeton University eating clubs, and other food donors shut down, we had to shift our operations to the Covid-19 Program (see below).
Share My Meals

Covid-19 Program

During the pandemic, Share My Meals adapted its operations to launch the Covid-19 Program funded by a grant from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (NJEDA) Sustain and Serve NJ Program. By purchasing meals at cost from local restaurants, Share My meals has been able to help the food insecure community while allowing the restaurants to stay active and paying part of their staff members.
Share My Meals

Gleaning Program

For its Gleaning Program, Share My Meals partners with local farms to collect surplus produce.  Volunteers help pick, sort, and bag the produce and then deliver it to families in need.
Share My Meals

Inclusion Program

As our workload has considerably increased, we launched a Community Inclusion Program in 2021 aiming to incorporate in our daily operations the talents and skills of people from the community who have lost their jobs. This program will help members get back to an active life while contributing to creating a true Share My Meals Movement which will involve the entire Princeton community.

What is Food Waste?

If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind China and the United States. In this video from NewsHour Weekend's Megan Thompson sat down with Elizabeth Balkan, director of food waste for the Natural Resources Defense Council, to find out more.

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