Share My Meals

We aspire to a world where everyone has access to healthy food, and no food goes to waste.

Receive Meals

Whether you prefer a meal from time to time or a regular delivery, we are flexible. No ID is required. We just need your name and address to be able to deliver the meals and a phone number to contact you at the time of delivery.

Donate Meals

Is your organization looking to reduce its food waste and would like to help those in need?  Share My Meals works with a variety of food donors to recover prepared meals and deliver to local families and community partners.  


Share My Meals is powered by its wonderful volunteers! We welcome volunteers who can serve as drivers, delivering meals to our neighbors in need.   

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Our Approach

2 Problems, 1 Solution

Problem: Food Insecurity and Food Surplus

More than 1.2 million New Jersey residents are food-insecure. At the same time, 1.5 million tons of food are wasted each year across the state – that’s almost 1 pound per person per day!

Our Solution: Meal Recovery Program

Share My Meals collects surplus meals from food service providers and distributes them directly to local families in need at their homes or through our network of community partners. We work with local food donors to provide high quality, nutritious meals on a flexible basis.

Sustainability - Innovation - Inclusion

Solutions for a stronger community

We believe that inclusion and innovation will help drive a stronger community and sustainable future.  


Food waste is a significant contributor to climate change. When we recover food, we keep it out of landfills, preventing greenhouse gas emissions. We distribute these delicious, nutritious meals to families in need.


We have developed an innovative solution to optimize logistics and offer high safety standards. We track meal recovery and delivery in real time and can dynamically report our food donors' positive impact.


Our Community Inclusion Program incorporates the talents and skills of people from the community that we serve into our daily operations. This approach builds a stronger program and increases economic opportunities.


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June, 2024

Support our Work

Support our expansion so we can help more families and fight climate change.

Share My Meals is a 501(c)(3) corporation, Federal ID / EIN 84-4149439.  Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


The Share My Meals Experience

From our recipients, food donors and volunteers

"I work three jobs, and when I get home after a long, hard day, I appreciate seeing that Share My Meals has delivered some food! I’m so grateful that I’ve got to come home tired from work and don’t have to cook because they did provide a nice, hot, warm, nutritious meal. So I’m very grateful for that. And I appreciate that so much."
“Our interaction with Share My Meals has been simple– the Share My Meals team makes it easy to work together. Our food waste has gone way down since Share My Meals has been able to take it off of our hands.”
“I volunteer because I can see my direct effect. I love being able to deliver the food, and I've gotten to know some of the recipients to where I'm happy to see them and they're happy to see me. This is a great opportunity to engage directly with the community.”

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