Isabelle Lambotte

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Isabelle Lambotte

Since 2013, Isabelle Lambotte has worked actively with Non-Profit Organizations.  Her focus spans from the leadership of the Tushita Foundation in Rajasthan (India) to the support of a local organization created to help the Latino and Afro-American communities of Princeton.

In 2018, she was asked by her friend, Liliana Morenilla, to participate in the management of a Food Pantry in the center of Princeton. Her objective has been to ensure that every Wednesday, local communities in need receive food from either the surpluses from supermarkets or through parallel fundraising activities that fulfill the gaps when the delivered food is scarce or even rotten.  

Isabelle’s involvement with India started on the occasion of a family trip to Rajasthan in 2013. While there, she literally fell in love with the Tushita Foundation, a home of learning and empowerment which provides education in English to children from 5 to 15 years old in a suburban village. Since then, she has supported the Foundation through the creation of a Health Care program, the strengthening of relationships with US organizations willing to send volunteers to Rajasthan, and funding of community-based programs such as the installation of water purifiers in the village.

 Isabelle lives in the United States since 2006 with her husband and her two children where she has had the opportunity to develop a wide network of people, which she leverages for financial or volunteer support of her activities.

With a combination of scientific and business management skills, Isabelle has acquired various experiences as a freelance consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry as well as in the healthcare environment with more than 10 years expertise in Nutrition (pediatric nutrition, medical nutrition, and consumer goods) in four European countries as well as in the US.

 From 1988 to 1999, Isabelle started her professional life within Abbott Laboratories in Belgium where over 10 years she successfully had various positions starting from Sales Representative, Product Manager, and Business Unit Manager responsible for all sales and marketing aspects of the division including P&L.

 Isabelle Lambotte is graduated in Pharmacy (UCL Belgium) and has an MBA (UCL Belgium).

Caroline de Schreve

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Caroline de Schrevel

Caroline de Schrevel is a Belgian lawyer and entrepreneur. 

She lives in Princeton since 2015 when her family decided to move to the USA, following a career opportunity of her husband. 

There, she re-invented her own career and became an entrepreneur. She is the founder of NISABA, an online platform where Belgian notaries can find highly qualified and experienced freelance lawyers to work on special projects or to respond to spikes in workload. Caroline de Schrevel manages the needs of more than 40 notary offices and the work of 18 freelance lawyers. Her business is in constant evolution. 

When Isabelle Lambotte proposed her to participate to a local program to fight hunger that could potentially be extended more broadly across the country, she found that opportunity very interesting and decided to invest her time and professional skills in this very exciting project!

Before, as a JD equivalent, she had the chance to be a Research Fellow at Northwestern University School of Law’s Center for International Human Rights where she also audited classes of the LL.M in this field. Back in Belgium, she focused on a practice of law that avoids conflicts and manages to settle agreements. She obtained a Master in Notary Law at the Université Catholique de Louvain and worked in this area for more than 10 years. In her practice, she dealt with a wide range of matters, mostly involving family, probate, and real estate matters.

Liliana Morenilla

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Liliana Morenilla

Liliana Morenilla is actively involved with the Latino community in Princeton making sure their children do well in school, have food in their plates, a place to live and provides legal and medical care through different resources.

In September of 2015, she has been offered by the Princeton Public Schools a position as Community Outreach working closely with the Princeton Human Services Department, making a link between the minority students and their parents. Almost 12% of the students attending the public schools are in subside lunches, which makes around 600 children to look after. The matter of hunger was a topic that she realized needed to be approached, creating after many years of personal involvement, the Henry Pannell Mobile Pantry.

 Familiar with the law and particularly with immigration law, she started by implementing an idea of how the community could help the less fortunate. She then started to involve different members of Princetonians' wealthy community to the life of financially challenged children. She has been recently awarded by the Mayor of Princeton.

 Liliana also had the opportunity to develop a strong relationship with different organizations particularly with LALDEF, The Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, where she was asked to direct one of their key programs, Futuro, where she coordinates high schoolers, first-generation immigrants and low-income students, helping them with their home-work, SAT prep and get into college.

 Liliana has worked in several other states in the US (NY, NC, WI) as well as in Europe.

She is graduated in Law (Universidad Complutense de Derecho) and has a minor degree in International and Constitutional Law (Harvard Law School). 

Macarena de Torres

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Macarena de Torres 

Either through being the responsible of fundraising and organizing events for the Littlebrook school where her daughters attend or participate in a number of performances with the Latino community through the Flamenco group from the Roberson Art Council, Macarena has definitely succeeded in becoming a very involved member of the Princeton local community. Joining Isabelle Lambotte in this enterprise is a natural step for Macarena to further contribute to the local community and continue fulfilling his personal and professional goals. 

Macarena has been in Princeton since 2017. Prior to coming to the US, she lived with her family in France, Belgium, and Italy as well as of course her native Spain where she was able to experience a number of different cultures and environments. As a result of all these moves, she also speaks four languages and has built unique flexibility to interact in different situations.  

She holds a BA in Business Administration from ICADE (Madrid, Spain) with an Erasmus program with ESSEC (Paris, France). Macarena started her career as a Management Consultant for A.T.Kearney working in the Telecommunications sector; she finally joined one of her clients (Amena) who was later on acquired by Orange (France Telecom). After working several years for the affiliate in Madrid she was offered a management position in Paris from where she helped to launch a number of products as a liaison to the Spanish market. Then she also worked for Mobistar in Brussels (Orange’s subsidiary in Belgium) where she re-structured the loyalty program. 

When she moved to Italy she took a pause from her Corporate career to take care of her husband and daughters and support her family business back in Spain. Macarena has been able to remotely act as a financial lead for the oranges and lemons plantation of her family, hiring and managing operations personnel, taking care of the accounting and yearly distribution of benefits as well as enhancing the productivity of the plantation by selecting, negotiating and implementing a new business plan including more than 10.000 new trees of commercially viable and diversified crops. 

 Now that the business back at home is working in full production and family is well-settled in Princeton, it is a great moment for Macarena to engage in new opportunities like the one offered by Isabelle at Sharing my Meals.  

Stan Berteloot

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Stan Berteloot

Stanislas Berteloot is a multicultural communicator with over 25 years of marketing, communication, and business development experience.

Passionate about what makes us tick, in November 2019, Stan launched a podcast, Back in America, where he interviews people with extraordinary accomplishments.

His story starts in France but soon moves to the U.S. where he attended high school in Iowa and college at The University of Maryland, and it has gone global since.

After working as a journalist for Reuters in London, he switched to PR and marketing.  He has had the privilege to take two companies from small startup-stage to acquisition, both times building their entire marketing departments from the ground up.

The first one is ILOG, a French-American software company; counting fewer than 100 employees when I joined in 1995. I led its financial communication team as it went public. Four years later it became a 500-employee strong company and has since then been acquired by IBM. 

KDS, a leading software company providing a cloud-based B2B travel & expense management solution, is the second one. With less than 40 staff members and no marketing department before me, the company, now part of American Express, has become a globally respected brand in the business travel sector.

In August 2016, he relocated from Paris, France to Princeton, NJ. with his wife and three daughters.

Stan has always been passionate about solutions that foster one-on-one communication. So when his longtime friends Vianney and François Lecroart launched Talkus, a Help-Desk solution for the SMB market, he joined them as CEO and spent three months in a Silicon Valley startup incubator. 

Today, Stan is a marketing consultant with Atlanta based Dots and Lines Consulting, a freelance journalist, and the host of Back in America, a podcast.

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Canan Akyuz

Canan Akyuz has 30 years’ experience in the field of architecture. She is a founding design principal of Akyuz Architectural Design in New York City since 1995. Since her move to Princeton, New Jersey, in addition to AAD, she also formed A + B Architectural Design Lab LLC.  Her previous work experience with Selldorf Architects in New York City, Ralph Erskine in Stockholm, Sweden, and Rüssli Architects in Lucerne, Switzerland.

She received her Masters’ degree in architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture preservation and Planning (GSAPP) from Columbia University in 1992.  While at Columbia she was awarded the American Association of University Women Fellowship as well as, the AIA Merit Award two years in a row. She also was the recipient of the William Kinney Travel Grant from the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation department. Before her architecture career, she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Piano Performance at New England Conservatory of Music.

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Elisabeth Calvarin

Elisabeth Calvarin is an accomplished finance professional with extensive experience in the banking and venture capital industries. After graduating from France’s top business school École des Hautes Études Commerciales and some time as an internal auditor professional, Elisabeth joined the Société Générale (SG) banking group’s commercial banking division, where she managed commercial relationships with mid-sized corporations in the Paris north area then in Lyons, with a particular focus on risk assessment and promotion of growth opportunities.

Elisabeth then moved to the construction and chemicals team of the bank’s Mergers and Acquisitions division where she focused in particular on opportunities in the construction sector, and from there to the group’s venture capital division. Having left the SG group, Elisabeth joined the Galileo venture capital fund, then France’s premier independent tech investment structure, as corporate secretary and fund operations manager.

She is thrilled to be part of the Share my meals project and to help the organization with its financial and economic sustainability.
Elisabeth is the happy mother of three wonderful young women, active in the arts, art history and computer science. She has a passion for ceramic arts and dreams of creating her studio one day.