Dear Friend,

On behalf of our board, I want to personally thank you for your generosity in supporting our organization. Your contribution during this crisis will allow us to provide healthy meals for the weeks ahead.

When Share My Meals launched in January of 2020, our intent was to combat food insecurity and food waste by distributing healthy meals surplus from corporate cafeterias to vulnerable people in our community of Princeton.

From January to the beginning of March, we delivered more than 500 meals directly to the homes of families enrolled in our program. With the lockdown under COVID-19, we expanded and adjusted our operations overnight in order to respond to the increased number of food-insecure people in Princeton.

Thanks to the support of The Meeting House and La Mezzaluna, two Princeton restaurants donating their food reserves and cooking skills, Share My Meals has supplied 165 healthy and delicious meals daily for the last three weeks. 

In light of their food surplus dwindling, we have now partnered with these two restaurants in order to continue providing daily meals. They are cooking for us at the cost of goods, enabling them to retain staff and support our efforts.

Our work is possible thanks to the generous help and support of people like you.

Our work is possible thanks to the generous help and support of people like you. If you would like to be more involved or wish to connect us with potential foodservice partners, or donors, please contact me at [email protected]

Stay safe, 


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