Share My Meals is working with Kendy Perez a 19-year-old Mercer County Community College biology student. Kendy started sewing face masks last July to be able to afford her college books for the semester.

“Most of the people I saw were wearing plain facemasks. And I thought it would be great if people had something that would represent them as themselves. My favorite mask is the one with a drawing from Frida Kahlo,” she said.

Kendy is a recipient of the Share My Meaks program which distributes healthy meals to the local food insecure population. She is now producing face masks with the Share My Meals logo that Share My Meals purchases for its team of volunteers to support its Inclusion Program.

She started selling embroidered masks in July and said she sold over 100 masks already.

Kendy, who has true business acumen, promotes her work on her Facebook page, and through her network of friends.