Share My Meals Programs

Meal Recovery Program (MRP)

Share My Meals (SMM) addresses the two critical issues of food waste and food insecurity at once with its Meal Recovery Program (MRP). The MRP is a food recovery process, approved by the local health departments, that allows recovery and distribution of surplus meals from the cafeterias of local corporations, schools, universities, hotels and restaurants to food-insecure members of the local community.  It is a free service for all stakeholders, powered by our volunteers and supported by a unique technology platform.


Buffer Program
(Covid-19 Relief program)

During the pandemic, Share My Meals adapted its operations to launch the Covid-19 Program funded by community donors and a grant from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s (NJEDA) Sustain and Serve NJ Program. By purchasing meals at cost from local restaurants, Share My meals has been able to help the food insecure community while allowing the restaurants to stay active and paying part of their staff members.


Harvest Recovery Program

For its Harvest Recovery Program, Share My Meals partners with local farms to collect surplus produce. Volunteers help pick, sort, and bag the produce and then deliver it to families in need.