Become Meal Partner

What makes a good donor

  • Specializing in balanced, prepared food served buffet- and cafeteria-style given prepared meal overproduction
  • Non-commercial foodservice (e.g., hospitals, universities, corporate campuses) and caterers tend to be best equipped to meet these requirements
  • Larger diner base of around 100+ allows for more regular / larger donations and are more likely to have fridge / shelf capacity to store empty and filled trays
  • Capable of storing and refrigerating food between packaging and pickup
  • Flexible to typically have pickups within scheduled windows set by SMM
  • Able to accommodate 5–15-minute food packaging and Google Form completion processes close to daily
  • A high enough level of technical capability to leverage SMM’s technical tools (e.g., tablets on site)
  • Commitment to the mission of reducing waste and feeding hungry families

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