Know Someone Who Needs Food?  

Enroll Now For Free to Share My Meals 

This unprecedented pandemic has created an extremely difficult situation for everyone.

Over the last four months, our nonprofit, Share My Meals, has been delivered more than 20,000 healthy meals to 72 families enrolled in our program.

If you, or someone you know, is food insecure, Share My Meals is there to help regardless of ethnicity, gender or gender identity, age or faith, and without judgment.

Getting healthy meals delivered directly to your home for your family is easy. Whether you prefer a meal from time to time or a regular delivery, we are flexible.

No ID is required. We just need your name and address to be able to deliver the meals and a phone number to contact you at the time of delivery. 

Call or text 609-337-2415 to ask for free home delivery of meals. You can also email [email protected] or fill-up this form.

Please contact us ASAP to join our program for the distribution starting in September.