Volunteer Share my meals

Share My Meals is powered by people and its volunteers are central to our success as an organization.  Since our beginning in January 2020, over 120 people have given time to us.

What Makes Volunteering at Share My Meals Unique

With so many places one can volunteer, why pick Share My Meals?

Ways to Volunteer

Here’s a quick summary of what our volunteers do:


How to Sign Up

We’ve got a three-step process for bringing new volunteers on board:

  1. Fill out our short volunteer form.  This will help us understand your volunteer interests.
  1. Meet with our Volunteer Coordinator.  This short, virtual interview will provide you with more information about Share My Meals as well as give you an opportunity to ask questions.
  1. Fill out the paperwork. Once you are ready to volunteer, we will provide you with our Volunteer Orientation packet and some forms for you to complete. Once your paperwork is returned, we will connect with our Operations Team and get you started!  For those who will be delivering food, we provide an additional training session to explain the delivery process and apps we use.

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected].