Happy Un-official Summer!!!

As we gradually come out of our homes and take off our masks (I know it can be scary), we will all start making summer plans. Share My Meals has a HUGE FAVOR TO ASKplease try to include volunteering with Share My Meals as part of your summer plans.

We continue to have so many recipients in need and your support is essential to achieving our mission. There are also several family opportunities available each week. Additionally, as the summer progresses there will be opportunities to head out to the farm as part of our Gleaning Program (if interested in Gleaning, let Canan know [email protected]). Our families love the fresh produce!

We Have So Much Going On…

  • New Volunteer  Sue Sipos– Welcome!
  • The number of meals delivered in May was 7,361 and to date, we have delivered  71,421 (not to mention more than 20,000 bagels, bread, soup, carrots, etc…)
  • The number of total families we support has grown yet many have also been able to begin receiving less food or suspend their deliveries. This was part of our decision to move to Tuesday and Thursday meal deliveries.
  • The Carole Jury Fundraising Exhibit was a success. Carole donated 30% of all proceeds and many who attended also donated directly to Share My Meals. In total, the event raised $6435.
  • We added a new restaurant – Beniamino’s. They will be supporting our families in Montgomery by cooking meals for us but also by giving their surplus (thank you Melissa Lister for this introduction). See the video

  • We will continue fundraising through the summer and early fall to support our COVID-19 Program which utilizes restaurants as our source for meals. Please consider donating or share the link to our GoFundMe efforts. Please also let us know of any grant or funding opportunities you are aware of. 
  • Efforts are in full swing to prepare for our Waste Watch Program restart in the fall. We are reaching out to many foodservice providers to identify food recovery opportunities. This will allow us to address both aspects of our mission: recover meals and redistribute them to the food insecure in our community.

  • Good news, we now have a Van! Through a grant from Mercer Street Friends we were able to purchase a Share My Meals van (thank you Paul Disdier for your active search in all the local dealerships  on this!). The van will be used as part of the Waste Watch Program to pick up the meals from donors. It will also be used this summer for our Gleaning efforts (i.e. a whole bunch of produce last week).

Wishing you an amazing and safe summer. Please include Share My Meals in your summer plans: (https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0d45aaaa22a6ff2-pickup)!

Thank you for everything you do for our community.

Share My Meals Board

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