The Meeting House’s kitchen

Share My Meals, which only started its activities in January 2020, became a mid-size organization run by seven board members and a team of 35 volunteers. As our workload has considerably increased, we are currently working on a plan to include talented people from the community we serve to our daily operations and to make the Share My Meals Movement a reality.

We have all learned a lot from these four months of intensive work and have understood the importance of being close to the community and of listening to their needs. 

We have always been very flexible in our operations respecting the safety rules related to COVID-19, trying to adapt our delivery schedule to meet our recipients’ preferences, while also paying special attention to dietary restrictions.

And as we know that it’s never easy to ask for help, we have been very careful to respect the confidentiality and privacy of all the families we serve.

On a less optimistic note, we think that this is also our duty to prepare for the future and therefore we are working on different scenarios and budget forecasts in the event of a second wave of COVID-19.