Video: Beniamino’s Cucina Partners With Share My Meals

In this video owners of Beniamino’s Cucina & Pizza Montgomery, NJ, Beniamino and Alison Lovine talk about joining the Share My Meals network of partners. Volunteer Melissa Lister explains how this restaurant is contributing to the expansion of Share My Meals in Montgomery. They have generously offered to cook meals for our families. And we […]

How Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Food Waste

By Melissa Lister There is a variety of puzzling food date labels on consumable items, such as:   Best if Used By.Sell By.Expires on.Use Before.Consume or freeze by.   These labels not only lead to confusion regarding the safety and quality of the food but also have a significant impact on food waste and our environment.   It […]

Video – Partnering with The Blue Bears Special Meals

blue bears

The Blue Bears Special Meals restaurant has been partnering with Share My Meals, cooking healthy meals every Monday for the food insecure people of Montgomery and Princeton.The partnership started in March and will end on May 31. At the end of the month, The Blue Bears will have cooked 1200 meals for Share My Meals.In […]

Share My Meals Is Working to Make Everyday Earth Day

Over the last 15 months, Share My Meals has worked to support our planet by reducing food waste. We do this through a food recovery process that allows recovery and distribution of surplus meals from the cafeterias of local corporations, universities, hotels, and restaurants to food-insecure members of the local community.  The impact of food […]

Video: Share My Meals & Governor Phil Murphy

new jersey share my meals

On April 21, during the coronavirus briefing in Trenton Governor Phil Murphy spoke of Share My Meals. Watch the video Read the transcript “I also want to give a shout-out and a thank you to the Princeton-based nonprofit Share My Meals which is headed up by that woman, Isabelle Lambotte.  Share My Meals combats food […]

Video: You Can’t Experience Poverty From Behind The Screen of Your Computer

Vanessa Solivan works three jobs, yet she was homeless until the Housing Initiatives of Princeton (HIP) helped her relocate to her current condo.In a recent video interview with Share My Meals, Vanessa, a client of the Princeton nonprofit, shares her struggles. “I was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. I’m a single mother of […]

Share My Meals Shout Out to Volunteers! Vol 3

We Are a Learning Organization This has been a month of continuous learning and growth fueled by our amazing volunteers. For starters, I would like to welcome the following new volunteers: Andrea, Betsy, Paul, Sandy, Marian, Melissa (Lister), Jodi, Sundi, Christine, Melissa (Molnar), Anne, and Alison And we needed every volunteer given what we achieved […]

Share My Meals is Fighting Hunger in Trenton

trenton share my meals

Share My Meals is working with the Iglesia Evangelica Emanuel Camino De Santidad of Trenton, NJ and its pastor Noe Gomez to feed about 50 people in Trenton.Members of the church came for the first pick-up in Princeton on March 19th.Floridalma Martinez and Arcadio Perez helped Pastor Gomez load 10 trays of meals prepared by […]

The Shocking Truth About Food Insecurity

Our Board Member, Elisabeth Calvarin found this video so enlightening that we decided to share it with you all. This is a 12 mn talk by nutritionist Clancy Cash Harrison. 20% of kids are plagued by food insecurity – they lack reliable access to nourishing food. As a nutritionist, Clancy’s mistake was assuming people had […]

Share My Meals is Expanding its operation to Montgomery, NJ

Teens can claim community hours On Monday, March 29th we will start delivering in Montgomery. Every Monday, some volunteers from Montgomery will collect the tray in The Blue Bears, and Wednesday in The Meeting House.Blue Bears is a restaurant that joined Share My Meals recently. The Blue Bears is dedicated to providing meaningful employment and […]