Video – Governor Murphy: Shout-Out to The Meeting House and Share My Meals

During his COVID-19 briefing on Sept. 27, 2021, New Jersey Governor Murphy highlighted the work of Amanda Maher and Amar Gautam owners of the meeting house, and how together with us at Share My Meals they managed to sustain the lock-down during the first months of the COVID pandemic by cooking for the community in […]

Today is Good Neighbor Day!

volunteer join share my meals

You can do something good for your neighbor today with Share My Meals, and be a Fight to End Hunger and Food Waste champion in our neighborhoods.  Join our home delivery program and volunteer to deliver healthy full meals to your neighbor in need.   Invite your friends and neighbors to volunteer to support our great mission […]

Back to School Supplies for the 4th of July

Share My Meals will surprise over one hundred of our families with a July 4th special delivery. Through a generous donation from the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank, families will receive a mix of various office supplies and school supplies to use throughout the summer or save for back to school! Some items include pencils, […]

Food Waste – Environmental Impacts on Unused Food

By Eric Kempson With cars, planes, and electricity taking up so much of our discussion on climate change, the various other aspects that harm our environment often go unnoticed – one of them is wasted food. 40% of food in the US goes to waste and could have otherwise been used to feed families. This […]

Vanessa Solivan – Smashing Stereotypes about Food Insecurity

A recent Share My Meals interview with Princeton resident Vanessa Solivan underscored the indiscriminate nature of food insecurity during the Covid-19 crisis. Individuals that are unable to put food on the table are often characterized as lazy and unmotivated – Ms. Solivan is neither. As a mother of three, Solivan has three jobs in the […]

Share My Meals Shout Out to Volunteers!!! Vol 4

Happy Un-official Summer!!! As we gradually come out of our homes and take off our masks (I know it can be scary), we will all start making summer plans. Share My Meals has a HUGE FAVOR TO ASK…please try to include volunteering with Share My Meals as part of your summer plans. We continue to […]

Why We Started a GoFundMe Campaign?

You may have seen that we just launched a GoFundMe campaign. That’s because we need $ 30,000 to purchase 6,000 healthy prepared meals to cover the transitional but critical period before resuming our self-sustainable Waste Watcher Program in the fall when our food providers will reopen. As we don’t want to leave our recipient families without support […]

Video: Beniamino’s Cucina Partners With Share My Meals

In this video owners of Beniamino’s Cucina & Pizza Montgomery, NJ, Beniamino and Alison Lovine talk about joining the Share My Meals network of partners. Volunteer Melissa Lister explains how this restaurant is contributing to the expansion of Share My Meals in Montgomery. They have generously offered to cook meals for our families. And we […]

How Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Food Waste

By Melissa Lister There is a variety of puzzling food date labels on consumable items, such as:   Best if Used By.Sell By.Expires on.Use Before.Consume or freeze by.   These labels not only lead to confusion regarding the safety and quality of the food but also have a significant impact on food waste and our environment.   It […]

Video – Partnering with The Blue Bears Special Meals

blue bears

The Blue Bears Special Meals restaurant has been partnering with Share My Meals, cooking healthy meals every Monday for the food insecure people of Montgomery and Princeton.The partnership started in March and will end on May 31. At the end of the month, The Blue Bears will have cooked 1200 meals for Share My Meals.In […]