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Corporations and organizations are contributing to fighting food insecurity and preserving the environment by donating surplus prepared meals to Share My Meals in a legally safe and financially sound manner.

Share My Meals offers the Win-Win Solution that enables the recovery of your meals’ surplus to distribute them the same day to the house of the food insecure people of your community.

By joining the Share My Meals Movement, you and your organizations are contributing to bringing healthy meals to the door of our neighbors in need, and you are also contributing to reducing food waste and protecting the environment.

With Share My Meals your organization feeds families in Princeton, Montgomery, Lawrenceville, and Trenton.

An Increasing Food Insecure Population
  • 42 million Americans are food insecure.
  • 1.2 million people are food insecure in NJ, 56% more adults and 75% more children than in 2019.

The Expense of Food Waste in the US

  • 40% of the food produced is never consumed, and nearly 80% of food waste comes from perishable foods.
  • Food waste represents 63 million tons of food that go wasted in the US and 21% of the landfill content.
  • Food waste accounts for approximately 1.5 tons in NJ alone.
  • Each American throws out more than 1,250 calories per day.
  • Every person in NJ wastes a little less than 1 pound of food per day.
  • Food waste is responsible for at least 2.6 % of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission

The Food Recovery Landscape

  • Across the entire supply chain, only 10% percent of food is recovered
  • It has been estimated that recovering and redistributing just 30 % of our nation’s surplus food would provide enough food to feed the 42 million food-insecure Americans.
  • Food recovery can increase by 1.8 billion meals annually, nearly doubling the number of meals rescued today and diverting 1.1 million tons of waste.

The Waste Watcher Program is a self-sustainable food recovery process, approved by the local health departments, that allows FREE recovery & distribution of surplus meals from cafeterias of local corporations, dining halls of universities, and catered events organized at convention centers or hotels to food-insecure members of the local community.

  • Provides food-insecure families with access to healthy meals.
  • Creates tangible environmental impact via food waste reduction. (link to CO2 reduction impact).
  • Protects the food donor from any liability issues thanks to The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act as the meals are donated in good faith to a non-profit organization that serves a vulnerable population.
  • Provides enhanced tax savings to meals donors. (Calculation link to be provided)
  • Reduces the cost of leftovers disposal.
  • Builds employee engagement by demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • The moral imperative to rebalance the “Food Equation”.

Far too many people go hungry while food waste negatively impacts the environment. Share My Meals strives to solve these two issues at a grassroots level.

  • Unique opportunity to address the existing gaps in the food recovery landscape.