Chef Marco Santana

The Blue Bears Special Meals restaurant has been partnering with Share My Meals, cooking healthy meals every Monday for the food insecure people of Montgomery and Princeton.
The partnership started in March and will end on May 31. At the end of the month, The Blue Bears will have cooked 1200 meals for Share My Meals.
In this video interview, Chef Marco Santana talks about the restaurant’s mission, “We are doing here is to create jobs for the kids with intellectual or developmental disability (IDD).”
“That’s something that me and Eric, my boss, Eric Wimmer, we strive hard to do and to teach the kids new culinary aspects. They’re really happy.”
As for Share My Meals, Marco says, “We’re pretty excited; we know that it’s a for a good cause: it’s to help people in need, and that’s what we’re doing here at the Blue Bears.”

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