Gleen Wright is one of the 40 volunteers working for Share My Meals.
In this video, we meet him as he’s picking-up trays of prepared meals from the Trattoria Procaccini, one of the three restaurants cooking for the Princeton community in need.

Glenn has been delivering food for Share My Meals since April 2020.
He said he joining Share My Meals because, “I like two ideas that were combined: one was helping people who are in need, and particularly hungry people, and secondly, (reclaiming) the food waste from restaurants was important to me. There’s so much waste. There are so many people that are hungry, and it’s a nice combination. A nice convergence of those two ideas.”
Glenn added, “I’m working from home, so I figured I had the time and why not do it?”

Thank you Glenn for your active support! We are grateful for every volunteer and donor contributing to Share My Meals mission of alleviating hunger and food waste in the Princeton area.